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Cvalik vW

The change of political regime in the year 1989 was of fundamental importance to me. When the borders opened, the gates also opened to make my dreams come true. Working abroad meant acquiring a lot of experience, partial financial freedom but, above all, independence and confidence. And the first dream I made come true was the male of a Great Dane called Baltazar (Brix Èastava). I wanted a large yet elegant and active dog; Great Dane meets these criteria beyond any doubt. However, Baltazar had some features that are not common even for a Great Dane and I am convinced they are only demonstrated through a very close cohabitation of dog and man. He was the first one and this already makes him special, however, to date he remains a marvellous mate and friend for me. Thanks to his big empathy and intelligence, almost unbelievable stories go round amongst my friends to this date, starring Baltazar himself. His personality was so unique that he is the true founder of the Von Wiederholz kennels; I would probably have always had some kind of dog friend, but thanks to Bali, I wanted to breed a race of dogs, which is gifted with such a beautiful soul. Unfortunately, he died tragically without being able to pass on his talents to the next generations.

His death was a true agony for me. I wanted some sort of substitute and I was hoping that a dog of similar blood should at least be a bit reminiscent of Baltazar. And thus, I got Harpyje Uttis, the true founder of the clan. Harry had a bit of a complicated nature. Baltazar was a totally self-confident, independent and full-featured friend, while Harpyje depended on her people, she was totally devoted, obedient to almost being a swot and totally suspicious of strange people, especially of young men. This feature made her a perfect indicator for recruitment of human male partners (when they made it through Harry, they could make it to the family). Harpyje was an exceptional athlete, she could still trot at the speed of 17 km/h and she could run in such manner for 20km. Her anatomy was almost perfect; the evidence of this is a number of championships she had been collecting until her late days and she was just as successful at work. With Harpyje, I got truly addicted to the Great Danes – and I got Matylda Uttis. Since that moment, my life has never been calm any more. Harpyje adopted the puppy and protected it against everything and everybody. In connection with Matylda’s natural curiosity and nosiness, this was a combination to kill. There is one story to say it all: Matylda was curiously watching ongoing construction works, as she grew really affectionate towards the bricklayers. On the other hand, Harry never had the urge to socialise with people outside the circle of family and closest friends. During one of her crusades to the building site, Matylda had caught her paw in something and she squeaked with pain. Harpyje had evaluated it as an attempt of the builders to harm the puppy and on that day, the construction works moved no further, as for the rest of the day, the builders were standing on the roof, under which furious and menacing Harpyje stood.

Though the jury was never as favourable of Matylda as much as they liked Harpyje, Matylda’s motion was very graceful; the way she charmed people, though, was through through her gregarious nature and extreme intelligence. Her desire of knowledge, independence and her conviction that the world around has been created for Matylda, have cost me several years of my life. And the look of her vulpine eyes had always disarmed me, whether she has gone astray for days or eaten something that was far from belonging to her.

The first litter of Von Wiederholz was an extremely successful one. “A-s” did very well at shows, as work dogs and perfect partners. The only bitch from this litter had her future obvious from the day she was born. Even though it seemed absurd to keep another Great Dane, Arwen von Wiederholz never left the kennels. A bitch with the most beautiful head I have ever see always used to sit like a true lady, with her bottom on a chair or a sofa and with her legs crossed, with her front legs on the floor, smile would never disappear from her face, yet she had movements of a teenage cub – and you’d have to kick her a bit to make her look elegant. In her nature, she was a more self-confident copy of Harpyje; the two of them also formed a team chaired by Harry. From time to time, they could not handle Matylda’s free spirit and intellectual supremacy – and attacked her. Despite these occassional hassels, though, these three created a pack and did not enjoy being on their own. Arwen was meant to be the continuator of the breed, however, she did not get impregnated through the insemination and, at the age of four, died of electric shock. And since there were only male dogs in Matylda’s “C” litter, she had to save the name of “Von Wiederholz” kennels at the age of seven. With Harpyje’s son Abel, she gave in total three bitches. Two of them and their older brother are now the breeding matter of Von Wiederholz.

Cvalik von Wiederholz will soon be six, yet he is still fit enough to make sure you are always alert when taking him for walkies. The training radius of his and his brothers was around 30 km; we have now fortunately almost eliminated self-willed training, however, we can never be sure about how tempting the running deer would be for him. However, due to this nuisance, I have learnt that he is capable of an extreme physical exercise and, despite the fact that he is one of the largest dogs, he is very active and he has never been ill. And when I see a mass of 85 kg Cvalik who is, while being lead by a 12 kg four-year old girl, very obedient and cautious, I am reassured again in my conviction of the exceptionality of the Great Danes.

Deniska von Wiederholz is a true daughter of her mother, starting with the vulpine eyes and finishing with the elegance and creativity. She is curious, friendly and intelligent, with rascal tendencies. She steals whatever is good enough to eat, unless it is locked or chained. She especially unexpectedly changed the daily diet of my mother many a time. Yet she is very sociable, she loves people and she is extremely well trainable.

The looks of Delphine von Wiederholz are more likeable than those of her sister, but while Deniska never looses her elegance, Delphine, being a bit more robust, must be arranged a bit to also look elegant. Her intelligence is lagging behind that of her sister a bit, but, at the end of the day, not many dogs could be compared with Denisa (just like with Matylda). She is a very motherly and caring type. She is a perfect babysitter. And she also has another supremacy – in absolute feedability (in other words, she would eat anything and indulge in it).

Above all, all of our dogs had been our partners and friends. We have been trying to teach them the rules of behaviour in human company by good socialisation, controllability and training. All of them have had a good motion mechanics, good musculature and they had been well fed. Strong health, resistant psyche and good looks have always been the features of “Von Wiederholz“ dogs. Our dogs are always a part of the entire family. Despite their individual differences, the mutual cohabitation has always been very enriching. Our goal in dog breeding is production of dogs, who would deliver as much joy and love to their owners, as our Great Danes provide to us.


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